New Mahara 19.10 is a great release!

The all new 19.10 release (end of October 2019) is a very remarkable release. Even if you do use only a small subset of the many (old and new) possibilities you will use the page editor. It is completely new — and it is superb.

Today I tested i with my pupils (14 years old; as always without any prior explanation how to use) and it was no surprise that everyone instantly could use it. I told them to reformat one of their pages and to document the changes and their feelings about it: everyone was very happy with it!

More flexible page layout

Just two of many comments:
I like the new update because it’s easy to use and you have more possibilities for editing and structuring your view. I think it’s better than before.
I think the newest update of Mahara is really pleasant. It’s very useful and easy to move the blocks as you want. It looks even better, you’re faster an you can give your layout a personal touch.

The featured image and the video are from Mahara-Manual and licensed as CC BY-SA 4.0+.

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