Functional Programming in Geogebra

From the 5.0 Manual of Geogebra: It’s actually enough to provide a single list to Zip[]. This makes it a shorter alternative to Sequence[] when all you want is to traverse a list. For example, Zip[a^2, a, listOfNumbers] is much shorter than Sequence[Element[listOfNumbers, […]

(My) Basic Rules of Good CAS Coding (in Geogebra)

When solving textbook examples often many styles of coding are possible. As everywhere some principles which are useful when programming have been proven very useful as best practice: Never copy results manually to progress with the calculation. Never. Don’t even […]

Mobile Learning with Moodle, Mahara and Geogebra (2) — Software

Mirroring mobile screen to the Whiteboard This obviously has to be done next. As my students mobiles (see part 1) have both Android and iOS devices a solution has to support both (so a Miracast or Apple TV Box is […]

Mobile Learning with Moodle, Mahara and Geogebra — Getting started

This term one of my classes (starting higher general secondary school with 14/15 year old students)  is a class equipped just with one pc and a beamer. No laptops and perhaps only sometimes the possibility to use a computer lab. […]

CAS-based Mathematics

Geogebra has evolved from a (very nice) dynamic geometry software to a full blown CAS-program since the integration of Giac which began in 2013 and is an ongoing process. Having used Maxima for a long time (and using Mathematica professionally) this approach […]

AppInventor as a tool for applied Mathematics: GPS and coordinate transformations

Mobile devices offer a magnificent set of capabilities to use with studying physics — and this can be done with freely available software tools. Since five years I am using MIT AppInventor teaching programming courses for beginners and using it […]

STEM (MINT) -Teaching

Applying my educational background (Master in Mathematics, German Literature, Ph.D. in Applied Physics) and my professional experience gives various possibilities to do cross curricular teaching. Our school hosts a special type of secondary school with main emphasis on technology and engineering – […]

Mahara survey: evaluation of students experience — part 2: ease of use

Here are some more results from my survey — setup and details see part 1. Please keep in mind that three different groups (which are rather small) have been asked – with different education level (9-11) and taught different subjects. The […]