Why I chose Apple Notes instead of Notion

This article could have been named “Notion vs Apple Notes vs Onenote vs Redmine” but it is no thorough comparison: this are very capable applications, each of them living in a different ecosystem, each with impressive strengths and some weaknesses. […]

Staingate solved for my MacBook Pro

For the ones in a hurry: YES, this worked for me, the stains on my MacBook Pro (Late 2013) display are gone completely. NO, you will not be bamboozled, fools day was two days ago. YES, do try this at […]

iPad only — a Self-experiment

Spoiler alert: I am writing these lines with a pencil on my iPad, scribbling and/or typing on the onscreen keyboard. When I use a german word it is translated on the fly not leaving my editor or installing something. I […]

Moodle Forum Activity — Safer Internet Day

Lately I used the Forum Activity in Moodle to create a couple of activities centered about our “Safer Internet” initiative. Mainly I wanted the students to think about their own experience, their priorities using some service usually being of high […]

Owncloud Full Text Search with Elasticsearch

Using Elasticsearch for Mahara was a very fine experience. After reviving my Owncloud installation (it somehow went away after dist-upgrading to Ubuntu 18.04) I stumbled across this subject. Knowing myself and knowing how useful such an option would be I […]

TCP/IP Role Play

Since some years I tried to figure out how to teach the mechanisms of the TCP/IP protocol in a playful way. Some elements have been clear from the beginning but I had to sacrifice exactness to make it work. Our […]

BigBlueButton/GreenLight and Moodle/Mahara for (Distance) Learning — Part 2: Setup

There are three main parts of this — in order of importance in these times of isolation or quarantine: Part 1: Using BBB and Moodle/Mahara for Cloud Learning — how I like to use ist and find it useful Part […]

BigBlueButton/GreenLight and Moodle/Mahara for (Distance) Learning — Part 1

I am using BigBlueButton since two years, more and more confidently and satisfied: the current versions are very elegant, elaborated but easy to use nevertheless, integration with Moodle is perfect — inside a Moodle classroom you can start a video […]

Migrating a Linux-Server from one VPS to another over network

If you are interested in some background information — I moved this to the bottom. I will describe my surprisingly easy way to move my Linux (Ubuntu 16.04 LTS) server hosted on a VPS with all data and configuration (including […]

Introducing students to blogging (using Mahara)

For years I was reluctant to try blogging with my students — I could not think of a cause to do it in school nor did I think the students could be able to write texts which would be good […]